Crisis Preparation

COVID-19 has directly affected many healthcare facilities around the world and overwhelmed healthcare workers. It isn’t a question of if a health pandemic will hit, but when. Our pandemic preparedness solution gives your facility the tools to address and educate patients while alleviating extra work for your staff. Our proprietary software is incredibly versatile in pivoting functions to accommodate any healthcare team to maintain the level of patient experience their values represent while reducing the risk of virus exposure to doctors, nurses, and other key staff members. See how each component of Journey PX can help you during times of uncertainty.


Journey PX Prep gives your patient the boost they need with vital medical education for their healthcare journey. Our A.I. assisted communication and scheduling platform direct patients to the right clinician at the right time.

Preventative Reminders:
  • Send information at the beginning of a pandemic like proper hand-washing techniques to tips on social distancing to reduce possible infection, directly to patient’s devices.
  • Send patients specific educational videos about a deadly virus, like COVID-19, that discuss symptoms and what to do if you think you have contracted it.
  • Send vulnerable patients small surveys that can assess if they need immediate medical attention.
Continue Daily Operations:
  • Allow patients to self- schedule
  • Direct patients to the right resources like the CDC website to reduce uncertainty
  • Journey PX NAVIGATE
Educational Media:
  • Videos from trusted facility leaders can put current patients and visitors at ease and convey your hospitals values and efforts during a time of uncertainty
  • Educational content on proper protocols during a pandemic to flatten the curve of a virus
Educational Media:
Digital Whiteboards:
  • Keeps patients and staff informed
  • Syncs to EMR systems
  • Nonintrusive
  • Relaxation tools put patients at ease during times of high stress
Informational Content:
  • Sends vital inpatient education videos on the virus and proper protocols to avoid infection.
  • Prevents readmission rates by providing accurate information quickly
Key Communication:
  • Real-time communication capabilities
  • Send symptom surveys to assess patient’s current health status
Powerful Insights:
  • Collect extensive and reliable data
  • Collect immediate and actionable feedback
Continued Education:
  • Send patients post-care educational videos to reduce reinfection of a virus
  • Focus on lowering readmissions by helping patients through the entire recovery cycle