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Mother-baby units are an area where specialized healthcare staff nurtures and supports the mother- baby relationship, and education is a key component of their care. This special environment requires a patient engagement platform that is tailored to the unique needs of new mothers, babies, and families. Journey PX Mother Baby is a solution designed specifically for mother-baby units, delivering vital health education, which research shows drives positive patient outcomes, prepare parents and newborns for discharge, and enhances the overall patient experience. Our program is designed to be easy and quick to deploy, with the technology up and running in your Mother-Baby unit in less than 6 weeks.

Our Solution:
  • Easy and quick the Journey PX Mother Baby can be rapidly deployed; the technology can be up and running in your mother-baby unit in less than 6 weeks
  • Journey PX Mother-Baby does not require facility-wide implementation, ADT or EMR integration
  • Journey PX Mother Baby fits many budgets. Priced within a unit’s budget, with affordable and flexible payment options and no long- term agreement required
  • All you need to run Journey PX Mother Baby are healthcare grade smart TV’s – if you don’t have one, we can provide one. Journey PX Mother Baby can support most pillow speakers or clean remotes.
Journey PX Mother Baby Assists Your Mother-Baby Unit By:
  • Delivering Vital Health Education
  • Preparing Mothers for Discharge 
  • Enriching the Patient Experience  
  • Closing Gaps in Communication  
Nurse taking personal data from mother and talking to her. Mother holding newborn baby.

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