patient room new journey and whiteboard screens

The My Day, Today digital whiteboard is an advancement in digital signage technology that is an update to a hospital staple. Updating your facility with MDM Healthcare’s proprietary software is now easier than ever! Read why our technology solution is the best value on the market.

  • Interoperability: MDM Healthcare’s digital whiteboards use revolutionary software that work well with EMR systems to deliver fast and accurate information to patients and healthcare providers. Interoperability of all healthcare systems is critical for the purpose of patient safety, consistent communication, and to aid nurses in daily operations.
  • Non-Disruptive Technology: MDM Healthcare’s digital whiteboards are considered to be non-disruptive, so patients can still enjoy entertainment and educational videos without any interference. These capabilities can make our whiteboards a seamless part of your facility’s current technology.
  • Great Value: Making the switch from traditional dry-erase whiteboards to digital whiteboards isn’t as expensive as everyone thinks! Our digital whiteboards have proved to be a better value than other technologies on the market since our technology solutions have the ability to eliminate additional hardware and connect directly to any display.
  • Elevate Patient Experience: Our digital whiteboard technology can increase patient satisfaction and experience with its easy to read type face, accurate information, touchscreen capabilities and customization options. Additionally, the information in the EMR will automatically sync to the patient's whiteboard in real time giving an accurate history of the patients admitted to your facility.

Digital Patient Door Display

Digital door signs are mounted directly outside patients’ doorways, displaying important details pulled directly from your EMR system. The information incorporated onto the signs can eliminate manual tasks for care members in addition to simplifying shift changes and coordinating care more efficiently. The display also increases safety by informing clinical staff if the patient needs to be isolated due to elevated level of contagion transmission.

My Day, Today Digital Whiteboard FAQ

Does the digital whiteboard integrate with most EMR systems?

Yes! Our digital whiteboard solution works well with most EMR systems to deliver fast and accurate information not just to patients, but key healthcare staff as well.

We have plenty of healthcare-grade televisions, and don’t want to buy new displays, is that okay?

Not a problem! Our digital whiteboard solution leverages existing infrastructure, so buying new displays isn’t necessary as long as they are Smart displays! Not to mention, our digital whiteboard solution is non-disruptive, so it allows your patients to continue enjoying entertainment or educational videos without interference!

Our dry-erase works pretty well. Why do we need this?

We get that, but our digital whiteboard technology elevates patient experience with its’ readable type face, accurate information, touchscreen capabilities, and other customization options that don’t exist with a dry erase whiteboard!

Is this really a great value?

Absolutely! Like we said, because we leverage existing infrastructure, our digital whiteboard solution makes it the best value on the market. With many different customization options and ability to eliminate additional hardware and connect directly to any display, anywhere.

This is a bit out of my budget, is there an inexpensive solution?

Absolutely! Our team of healthcare technology experts can help create a specifically tailored solution to your facility that’s within your budget and elevates patient experience.

I don’t want this to disrupt my patients, will it do that?

Never! We offer a paperwhite solution that offers low-power consumption with minimal light pollution while remaining visible from every vantage point in the room.

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