Patient Education Tools & Software

Improve Your Level of Care with Innovative Patient Education Tools

patient education softwareEffective patient education is essential to the success of virtually any medical treatment, particularly extended forms of treatment. What tools do your patients have for their education? If your only answer is an Internet search, you may be doing yourself and, more importantly, your patients a disservice. Fortunately, Journey PX provides care givers the tools they need to ensure patients have the necessary tools to learn about their condition and understand treatment methods. It’s called Journey PX and it can be easily implemented into your facility.

Features of Journey PX

Our unique patient education software gives you all the tools you need to effectively communicate with your patients. We have optimized the accessibility of the information by providing it in several different languages, to break down those frustrating barriers. Information is easily organized and searchable within our database and is constantly being updated with the latest developments and discoveries. Moreover, Journey PX even includes patient relaxation tools. Relaxing soundscapes and entertainment options can help make patients more receptive to treatment, thereby increasing its effectiveness.

Easy Implementation

As your partner, MDM Healthcare will help you install all the necessary hardware and software so that your facility can make the best use of these innovative patient education tools. To learn more about Journey PX, contact us today and speak with one of our knowledgeable experts today. We work with medical facilities all across the nation and have a stellar reputation within the industry.