Patient Education Systems

Scalable & Affordable Patient Education Systems

Every day, more and more healthcare providers are looking for patient education systems to help alleviate some of the concerns of both patients and care providers. These patient education systems provide a solution to some important healthcare concerns, such as patient satisfaction, engagement, and communication with family members. Many of the leading hospitals around the country and world are already utilizing these types of systems. We expect that the value of these systems will soon be recognized by all healthcare providers and that they will become a must-have in every medical facility sometime in the near future.

That’s why MDM Healthcare is so excited to be one of the leading companies offering a patient education system. The innovative Journey PX solution is scalable and affordable, which means there’s a solution for almost every budget. Most importantly, its interactive system is easy for patients and caregivers to understand and use.

There are other patient education systems out on the market, and it can be difficult to discern what their differences are. While we can’t speak for other patient education systems, we can tell you that there is no other system like the Journey PX. Not only does this system integrate easily with existing clinical systems, but it’s accessible to patients and families whether they’re in a hospital bed, or they’re hundreds of miles away on their smartphone. Everyone can use it, and everyone can benefit.

One of the biggest concerns in the healthcare industry is a lack of education. Oftentimes patients are misguided by information they’ve heard from friends, family, or the internet. Journey PX provides easy access to educational information specific to the patient’s needs as determined by their care team. Not only does this provide peace of mind to the patient and their family, but it helps eliminate wasted time spent by caregivers in repeating information.

Patients may grumble about their hospital stay or their care providers, but they don’t always know how to express it to those who have the ability to do something about it. Journey PX delivers customer satisfaction surveys to patients with the goal of improving the patient experience and overall service. If you would look like to learn more about Journey PX or you are a healthcare provider who sees the value in such an amazing system, please contact us today. We look forward to answering all of your questions and helping you provide a better experience for your staff and your patients.