Interactive Patient Education

Journey PX Provides Interactive Patient Education, Making Treatment Easier for Doctors & Patients Alike

patient education softwareInteractive patient education has had so much advancement in the medical field in recent years, it’s important to keep patients up to date on the most modern and effective methods of treatment. However, educating patients is not without its challenges. Doctors often find it difficult to keep their patients engaged in their treatment and may struggle to find ways to make the information easily digestible. Moreover, many doctors struggle to overcome language barriers, which can greatly hinder the relay of information. Fortunately, hospitals across the country can turn to Journey PX to provide them with the tools they need to improve patient engagement.

Journey PX is an interactive patient education tool that makes information easily accessible to your patients. It allows for translation into many different languages, helping you to break down those barriers and deliver necessary information quickly and efficiently. It also gives the patient a reliable resource for information on their condition, rather than forcing them to perform an Internet search with results that may not be accurate, relevant, or up to date. Plus, it can be accessed from virtually any mobile device, making it easy for your patients and their families to get the information they need.

Journey PX will also work closely with your facility, providing turnkey implementation services. We will install all of the necessary equipment and software and show you how to use them, so that you can start making the most of your investment immediately. We even provide remote help desk support for our products.

Contact us today to learn how interactive patient education can help you improve quality of care for your patients.