Q&A with Linda Robinson, the Vice President of Clinical Excellence at MDM Healthcare

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Linda, you have over 34 years of nursing experience in patient- and family-centered care, and patient engagement technology. You’re an accomplished national speaker and among your many awards, you have been recognized as the ANCC Magnet Nurse of the Year and the recipient of the Healthcare Hero Award from the Cincinnati Business Courier. How have you used your incredibly accomplished background to help develop the Journey PX platform?

I started working in patient engagement technology when I was working as the administrator of a program called Partners in Care at a large hospital system in Northern Kentucky.

I had been tapped to do some research on patient and family-centered care for the facility, and after looking at all the findings from the research, I was then asked to be the administrator of patient engagement solutions. I found out very early on that you really needed to combine the two because the patient engagement technology was only going to assist [with patient and family-centered care.]

When I started working in the field of patient engagement technology, I was very successful at driving utilization of the system, and I think it's because we really personalized care, and worked very closely with patients and families.


One of Journey PX’s missions is to elevate the patient experience. How has the JPX team developed the product along those goals? 

Often, I would think what's most important to the patient is what I thought was most important to the patient. However, many times I was incorrect.

It's not always what's the matter with the patient, but it's what matters to the patient. We really need to let the patients and their families be our guides. So that's something that I brought with me to MDM, seeing the possibilities of what technology can do and the difference it can make for that patient. So, personalizing, humanizing, and demystifying that healthcare experience for them. Many times, patients are in their rooms alone. They're frustrated, scared, tired, and overwhelmed. What they need is information. Therefore, one of the first things that I worked on with the team at MDM Healthcare was to make sure that the Journey PX solutions were intuitive. [Journey PX solutions] provide that source of information that comforts the patient. 


Can you explain how the JPX product has aided in the interoperability of hospital care teams and why that goal is so important?

In addition to focusing on in-room solutions for the patient, we also focus on providing clinical efficiencies for hospital care teams.

I think every nurse is passionate about being an advocate for the patient, but we also must be an advocate for our profession. Coming out of this pandemic—even before then—there's been a nursing shortage. Now in 2025, they're saying the nursing shortage could be down 250,000-400,000.

We have got to adopt some technology to help us do what we do to support patient satisfaction and to support our quality and safety initiatives. Journey PX helps support those initiatives. 

Nurses need that extra hand. They need something that helps them do what they already do, but even better, and save them some time. At MDM, we focus on clinical efficiencies—whether it's clinical workflows at the bedside or within the hospital’s electronic medical records.


Can you explain why in-room, patient-focused technology is so essential for patient care today?

Humanizing care in a virtual way is something that we focus on at MDM Healthcare. I went back to work as a nurse during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and I can tell you it was chaos. If you worked in bedside care, you were covered with two N95 masks and a surgical mask over that.

We had nurses bringing in baggies with their cell phones inside because patients couldn't see their families and many patients died without seeing their families and their family seeing them. We want to make sure that no patient ever has to die alone. The Journey PX cloud-based solution provides a way to connect people virtually through a secure connection via their television set. If patients just want to reach out and talk to their family and connect that way, they can with the Journey PX Connect solution. Psychologically, that does so much for a patient, it provides so much support.

Another example is our digital whiteboard, which we call My Day, Today. So whiteboards are the boards in the rooms, they're the grease boards that we nurses put our name on and we put some facts on there. Unfortunately, many times those boards are not updated, and patients aren't given updated information in real-time. Our digital whiteboards provide up-to-date information, most of it flowing straight from the hospital’s EMR. The My Day, Today solution provides information that’s personal to the patient, education that's specific to them, and relevant information, which keeps them interested. It also gets them ready for discharge. 

I'm extremely excited about what I've been doing with MDM Healthcare. I feel that we are on the cusp of the future with our product, which is exciting. It’s been great to be part of a team that brings years of expertise and research to the table to help develop Journey PX.