Patient Education Materials

Offering Patient Education Materials That Are Intuitive & Easy to Implement

Hospitals all across the nation now have access to one of the most innovative patient education and relaxation tools on the market. Journey PX is a new way for doctors to provide every patient with personalized education materials to help improve their level of care, decision-making ability, and overall experience. You can take advantage of this incredible service simply by partnering with the professionals at MDM Healthcare. We help hospitals just like yours by giving them the tools they need to provide the high level of care their patients deserve.

Features of Journey PX

Traditional patient education and engagement solutions are very expensive, hardware intensive, difficult to maintain, and challenging for patients to use. Journey PX is incredibly easy to use for patients, family members, and clinicians alike. The system is highly accessible, given that it is completely cloud based and can be accessed within the hospital, and mobile devices. Moreover, it provides patients with direct access to accurate and relevant information about their conditions, so they can make informed decisions about their treatment. We have an extensive library of additional content, including relaxation and entertainment options, such as games, movies, TV shows, and soothing soundscapes. All of our tools are designed to maximize patient and family involvement, helping to improve important measurements such as quality of care, patient satisfaction, and readmissions.

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