Journey PX Prep Delivers More for Accurate Information and Decreases Risk

Journey PX Prep is a unique but perfect fit for health centers with a built-in text messaging decision tree (dictated by your organizational preferences) to ensure patients are routed to the right person, at the right time, for the right care. Implementation is as fast as 2-3 days and is very easy to get started with immediate impact. This simple, user-friendly technology allows proactive communication to go out to your patients with specific messages to positively impact staff and patient safety. A few features are:

1) Improve patient access to information:

  • Provide up-to-date, standardize, and language preferred messages to patients to help decrease anxiety
  • Promote the delivery of accurate information while decreasing the risks associated with inaccurate information circulating the public

2) Decrease the impact and volume of incoming phone calls:

  • Allow for timely communication without tying up valuable resources with call answering, routing, taking messages, and managing provider schedules
  • Ability for patients to self-schedule on designated call back schedules
  • Patients can indicate the nature of their question, which routes them to the appropriate resource

3) Automate basic triage questions for timely response to patient needs:

  • Patients can use simple self-selection to indicate symptoms they are experiencing or needs they have
  • Allows for specific and immediate response to patients and families in need ensuring they are routed appropriately

4) Decrease potentially dangerous Walk-Ins:

  • Patients can talk to a health care provider at a designated time to prevent potentially dangerous walk-ins from the health center

5) Inform patients about new non-in person services available:

  • Communicate with patients to offer new care delivery mechanisms like telehealth or virtual communication
  • Obtain necessary consent to initiate virtual healthcare services