Improving Patient Experience Is About More Than Just Medical Care

For hospital staff, improving patient experience can be difficult. It’s easy to forget as a healthcare professional just what your patients are going through while you’re treating them. For a patient, the entire experience might be confusing or frightening. Many patients have difficulties with not being able to understand high-level medical words and concepts or they may not be fluent in the language used by your staff.

Going Digital Helps Everyone

Upgrading the electronics in your facilities can be beneficial to both patients and staff. When everything in your facility is digital, facility managers, nurses, and doctors can all access relevant information and interact with patients more efficiently and quickly.

Digital Signage Paves the Way

By upgrading your existing signage to digital signage, a new world of possibilities opens up for you and your patients. Important information and bulletins can be posted immediately, digital wayfinding can help patients find their way in simple, understandable terms, and interactive displays can provide new ways to engage patients.

Comfortable Rooms Provide Peace of Mind

Patients spend the majority of their time in their rooms. Providing modern amenities within them can go a long way toward improving patient experience. Wall-mounted, high-def TVs, DVD players, in-room or pillow speakers, and customized digital entertainment can all help contribute to high patient satisfaction.

Journey PX Modernizes Your Presentation

Journey PX is MDM Healthcare’s proprietary software that allows for in-room patient education, interaction, and entertainment. With it, you can pass along vital information to patients, in easy-to-understand formats and multiple possible languages, at the push of a button. Journey PX includes customizable surveys to accurately measure the ways you’re improving the patient experience.

MDM Healthcare Is Here to Help You Along the Way

Though it may seem daunting at first, MDM Healthcare has decades of experience to aid you on any step of your digital transition. From hassle-free installation to ongoing technical support, MDM has everything you need to upgrade your facility. Contact us for a quote today.

Journey PX Prep is a unique but perfect fit for health centers with a built-in text messaging decision tree (dictated by your organizational preferences) to ensure patients are routed to the right person, at the right time, for the right care. Implementation is as fast as 2-3 days and is very easy to get started with immediate impact. This simple, user-friendly technology allows proactive communication to go out to your patients with specific messages to positively impact staff and patient safety. A few features are:

1) Improve patient access to information:

  • Provide up-to-date, standardize, and language preferred messages to patients to help decrease anxiety
  • Promote the delivery of accurate information while decreasing the risks associated with inaccurate information circulating the public

2) Decrease the impact and volume of incoming phone calls:

  • Allow for timely communication without tying up valuable resources with call answering, routing, taking messages, and managing provider schedules
  • Ability for patients to self-schedule on designated call back schedules
  • Patients can indicate the nature of their question, which routes them to the appropriate resource

3) Automate basic triage questions for timely response to patient needs:

  • Patients can use simple self-selection to indicate symptoms they are experiencing or needs they have
  • Allows for specific and immediate response to patients and families in need ensuring they are routed appropriately

4) Decrease potentially dangerous Walk-Ins:

  • Patients can talk to a health care provider at a designated time to prevent potentially dangerous walk-ins from the health center

5) Inform patients about new non-in person services available:

  • Communicate with patients to offer new care delivery mechanisms like telehealth or virtual communication
  • Obtain necessary consent to initiate virtual healthcare services

The Right Patient Education Solution to Improve Engagement & Enhance the Patient Experience

patient educationPatient education is important for any healthcare provider seeking to improve engagement and provide complete patient care. As patients become more selective about where to go for care, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are constantly looking for better ways to enhance the patient experience and create patient loyalty. MDM Healthcare is proud to offer its Journey PX Patient Experience Solution for providers in need of an efficient and user-friendly patient education product. Journey PX is distributed via in-room television, personal email, and/or text – and can be viewed in the hospital, at a clinic, or at home.

MDM Healthcare’s Journey PX solution will take your hospital’s television system to a new level by delivering the right education at the right time to improve engagement for each patient in your care. Providers prefer our patient education solutions for their hospitals and other healthcare facilities because our Journey products:

  • Provide care teams with the ability to educate patients in a consistent and effective manner
  • Allow hospital staff to search the patient education library and view content prior to prescribing treatment
  • Can create documentation that can be inserted into the patient’s health record
  • Are easy to use for the care team as well as the patient
  • Provide pre- and post-operative education as well as disease, wellness, and safety education modules
  • Extend the patient education provided beyond the hospital stay by sending relevant content via email or text message to the patient at home
  • Interface with your existing clinical systems, such as your ADT and EHR, so that the solution can follow the patient as they are transferred within the facility
  • Can provide soothing relaxation content for aiding in pain management and addressing noise concerns
  • Deliver patient satisfaction and comprehension surveys so you can assess overall patient engagement
  • Have the ability to market, inform, and enlighten all guests of the healthcare facility about other events and offerings above and beyond patient education

Our Journey PX patient education products offer scalable and affordable interactive solutions that provide the ultimate patient experience. Let the professionals at MDM Healthcare help you decide which solution will best enhance patient engagement and work with your budget. Call us at 1-800-359-6741 for a prompt response to your questions.

Why is patient education important?

The more patients understand about their own health, treatment options, and conditions, the better their own decisions about their healthcare will be.

Education engages patients in their own care and treatment plans, helps build trust with their care providers, and improves outcomes as patients become more motivated to work toward their healthcare goals. The benefits of robust, high-quality patient education also include improvements in the performance of the healthcare facility and the industry overall, and can lead to a reduction in patient calls, visits, and admissions.

In addition to greater engagement in their care, patient education also helps patients understand how to manage their health information and navigate healthcare systems.

What is Journey PX?

Journey PX is a comprehensive solution that educates, engages, and improves patient outcomes throughout the complete continuum of patient care.

What does Journey PX do for patients, families, and clinicians?

Accessible to patients and families in hospitals, clinics, and homes, Journey PX does this and more:

  • Engages both patients and their families in the patients’ care
  • Provides pre- and post-operative education
  • Provides disease, wellness, and safety education
  • Delivers just the right education at the right time
  • Delivers patient satisfaction and comprehension surveys
  • Interfaces with your facility’s existing clinical systems, ADT, and EMR

This solution gives your care teams the ability to educate patients in an effective and consistent way. It includes documentation that can be put into a patient’s health record, and it’s easy for the patient and the care team to use. After a hospital stay, education can be continued by sending content to patients at home via email or text messages.

The content provided by Journey PX is easy to understand and available in a number of languages. Additional features include:

  • Patient education content in video format, developed at a 5th-grade level or below
  • Video education is designed for all types of learners
  • Closed Caption is available
  • More than 5,000 videos are currently in our library
  • Clients can easily upload their own content

How is MDM Healthcare’s patient education provided?

The educational content provided by our Journey PX solution is cloud-based, making it easily accessible to patients whether they are in the hospital or clinic or at home. Our innovative MDM Journey software operates through swing-arm bedside monitors so patients can access its features right from their rooms, but it’s also accessible from anywhere at any time via any mobile device.

Because Journey PX is cloud-based, it also:

  • Delivers significant cost savings by eliminating the need for large servers and racks
  • Lowers operational costs by reducing maintenance needs and decreases the cost of managing in-room computers
  • Eliminates the burden on your IT department for hardware and software administration and support, and for managing security and anti-virus protection

What educational content does MDM Healthcare offer?

Our wide range of patient education materials is available through our Journey PX Patient Education library. This library includes informational videos on these topics and others:

  • Diagnoses, conditions, and treatments
  • Pain management
  • Patient safety
  • Pediatrics
  • Pre- and post-operative care
  • Mother-baby and new family
  • Medication education
  • Advance directives
  • Relaxation techniques
  • ICD10 Codes and DRGs

Our educational content is cloud-based, so it’s easily accessible and searchable for patients and healthcare providers. It’s also consistent with the regulations of The Joint Commission National Patient Safety Measures, Core Measures, and Meaningful Use. Information in our Journey Patient Education library is kept up to date with the most recent developments and discoveries.

What features does Journey PX include?

Journey PX has innovative patient education tools that can help caregivers ensure patients have what they need to learn about their conditions, understand their treatment options and methods, and navigate the healthcare system.

The information in the system is highly accessible and provided in a wide variety of languages. Because the content is cloud-based, it’s exceptionally easy to search and be accessed by any mobile device. Journey PX content is constantly updated with new information on the latest discoveries and development and can be relied upon for accurate information.

Journey PX is also designed to be simple to implement into virtually any facility. Along with our other healthcare technology solutions such as TV equipment and networking and video distribution services, our patient education products seamlessly integrate with your facility’s existing infrastructure and systems. We partner with you to install all of the necessary hardware and software, and help you optimize treatment and education patients.

Patient education delivered through Journey PX has these additional features:

  • Relaxation tools that help reduce patients’ stress levels and respond better to treatment, plus entertainment programs and games
  • Navigation by in-room pillow speakers, phone, auto prescribe, and scheduled play options
  • Education videos can be assigned based upon diagnosis, treatment, physician, DRG-ICD10 codes, or safety risk
  • Two-way communication between the patient and staff
  • Integrations such as EMR, ADT, single sign on, dietary and more
  • Real-time reporting to monitor usage at every level
  • 24/7/365 remote monitoring
  • More than 5,000 patient education videos to choose from
  • Information is personalized and delivered in real-time
  • Engaging patient television screens are created based on your brand, pediatrics, adult patient, mother-baby, veterans, and other unique patients
  • Comprehension assessments with feedback

How can I learn more about MDM Healthcare’s patient education solution?

We invite you to learn more about all of our healthcare technology services and products for your hospital, senior living center or other healthcare facility by calling 800-359-6741 for personalized assistance.